Saturday 22 October 2016

Speed Review: Radox Feel Revived Shower Gel (with mandarin & lemongrass)

I'm never wowed by Radox shower gels but they do the job and are often on offer. In fact, that's the very reason why I picked up the subject of today's review, Radox Feel Revived Shower Gel with mandarin & lemongrass, as it was for sale in my local Boots for just £1.

Whilst the packaging reflects the affordable price tag, it is nonetheless functional with a plastic squeezy bottle & flip top lid. It was fairly easy to control how much product was dispensed, thereby reducing wastage. I like that the transparent bottle makes it easy to see how much product is remaining and what's more, I like the detail of being able to lift the top if you prefer to hook the product up in the shower rather than simply standing it on its base.

The thick, orange coloured gel reflects the uplifting claims. Given that Radox Feel Revived Shower Gel contains SLS (which I'd expect given the price), it was unsurprising that it produced a generous lather. I can find this to be drying on the skin but it's a compromise that is offset by the affordable price tag. Besides, I generally tend to need to moisturise my body at this time of year regardless of the type of shower gel I use.

I wasn't able to detect lemongrass notes but what really hit me in terms of the scent was how similar this is to The Body Shop's Satsuma fragrance- if you're a fan of that, you'll like this. It's a pleasant, zesty citrus fragrance but I can't say that I felt any aromatherapy benefits in terms of feeling revived. I was unable to detect the scent on my skin following use.

Overall, Radox Feel Revived Shower Gel isn't a bad shower gel. It does the job and for the price, it's hard to go wrong.


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