Thursday 1 August 2019

Speed Review: The Body Shop Cactus Blossom Shower Gel

the body shop cactus blossom shower gel

I recently had a voucher for The Body Shop and upon browsing the shelves of my local shop, decided to use it to buy The Body Shop Cactus Blossom Shower Gel. I like The Body Shop shower gels (although would prefer if they didn't contain SLS) & was immediately drawn to this area of the shop. The "newness" of the Cactus Blossom scent together with the eye-catching design of the bottle & unusual name caught my attention and when I smelt the tester, it sealed the deal.

The flip top packaging is functional and is well suited to the texture of the shower gel, which is a fairly liquid clear gel with a very subtle green tint. I appreciated that the bottle was transparent, allowing me to see how much product was remaining.

When I smelt the shower gel in the bottle, I thought that it had quite a fruity fragrance, however, during use, I found it to be a little different and I'd best describe the scent as "fresh & green"- very pleasant nonetheless! That said, I couldn't detect the scent on my skin following use.

I was easily able to work the shower gel into a generous lather and of course, a bath puff would help this even more so, allowing the bottle to last even longer.

The Body Shop Cactus Blossom Shower Gel does the job and left my skin feeling clean and refreshed. I'd say that it's perfect for summer and worth checking out next time you're visiting The Body Shop.

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