Thursday 15 August 2019

Speed Review: Dove Coconut Oil Shower and Shave Mousse

I quite like shower mousses as they work effectively to double up as a shaving foam. I believe Imperial Leather were the first to bring out such a product- it's certainly the brand which springs to mind when I think of a shower mousse and the one with which I'm most familiar. For that reason, much of today's review will be something of a comparison, as I found it hard to avoid doing so.

It seems as though I'm not alone in liking the concept of a shower mousse- that's if the current influx of brands recently adding a shower mousse to their range is anything to go by. Clarins, Dove, Nivea, Radox and Original Source all feature shower mousses in their line up now. I decided to try out the Dove Coconut Oil Shower and Shave Mousse as it was on introductory offer in Boots.

Interestingly, Dove actually promote the fact that the shower mousse doubles as a shave foam by incorporating a mention of this on the packaging & reflecting it in the official name on the website. The packaging is simple and in keeping with the Dove branding. I liked the inclusion of a "scratch and sniff" sticker which made choosing the scent in store easier- there's a choice of Argan Oil, Acai, Rose or Coconut Oil, which I opted for.

The aerosol pump makes for easy dispensing although it's a little difficult to tell how much product is remaining, owing to the can packaging (I don't know how else they could present it though).

Unlike Imperial Leather, which comes out as a gel before transforming to a foam (akin to a shaving gel), Dove Coconut Oil Shower and Shave Mousse was dispensed as a rich and creamy foam. A little goes a long way. I found it a little softer in texture than the Imperial Leather versions I've tried but agree that it works just as well to use when shaving legs.

Personally, I couldn't detect coconut in the scent during use. To me, it smelt sweet- more like vanilla than coconut- but it wasn't sickly. I could only detect the scent very subtly on my skin following use.

After use, my skin felt soft but not stripped or dry. That said, I still needed to moisturise.

I found Dove Coconut Oil Shower and Shave Mousse pleasant to use. Overall, I think I prefer the Imperial Leather versions but that may simply be because I'm more accustomed to using the brand. I probably wouldn't repurchase the Dove version at full price (£4.89 for 200ml) but might be inclined to try other scents from the Dove range, if on offer, in future.

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