Sunday 29 September 2019

Speed Review: John Masters Organics Repair Hair Mask with Honey and Hibiscus

john masters organics repair hair mask with honey and hibiscus review

I haven't tried many products from the John Masters Organics range but have liked those which I have tried so was excited to try their new Repair Hair Mask with Honey and Hibiscus.

John Masters Organics describe the recently launched product as "a rich and decadent, silicone-free hair mask that puts hair into rehab. This weekly rescue for extremely dry, damaged hair restores hair structure, locks in moisture and protects hair from further damage. A fusion of organic honey and organic hibiscus work together to restore shine, moisture and manageability, while conditioning bacuri butter and mongogo oil replenish strands. Hair is left stronger, softer and healthier."

Unusually for a hair mask, it's presented in a plastic bottle with a pump. Whilst this might make it harder to identify on a shop shelf, I liked that it's a little different. The brown colour of the plastic bottle isn't the most appealing but I like the overall brand ethos of John Masters Organics so for that reason, I was happy to have it on display in my bathroom. Of course, I'd have preferred if the bottle were transparent to be able to see how much product was remaining- I always do. The directions were clear and easy to follow and I appreciated that the mask gets to work in just 3-5 minutes.

I was initially worried that the pump dispenser wouldn't be suited to the mask formula but I was wrong. The mask has a lightweight cream texture which I found easy to dispense using the pump and actually found that this helped to control how much product I was using, avoiding wastage. That said, I did need quite a few pumps in order to release sufficient product for my long hair. I found the texture easy to work through my hair.

My main recollection, based on the products I've previously tried from John Masters Organics, is of the amazing, natural fragrances and the Repair Hair Mask with Honey and Hibiscus didn't disappoint. It has an incredible botanical fragrance which reiterated the natural branding and added to the sense of indulgence during use. I also noticed that it lingered in my hair following use.

I found the mask relatively easy to rinse out of my hair. I did feel as though there was some residue but it didn't feel uncomfortable or unpleasant- I'd describe it as feeling as though it was adding something to my hair to lock in moisture and protect (in any case, I really like the inclusion of heat protecting ingredients within the formula).

Whilst I describe my fine hair as being in average condition (I don't colour treat it, I heat style approximately once or twice a week and I'm pretty good at keeping up with my treatment regime), i.e. it's not the dry, damaged hair which this mask is meant to target, I nonetheless enjoyed using John Masters Organics Repair Hair Mask with Honey and Hibiscus. It left my hair feeling touchably soft, looking smoothed and shiny and it felt wonderfully conditioned, whilst also being manageable. I'd agree that it lives up to the claims.

At £39 for 125g product, John Masters Organics Repair Hair Mask with Honey and Hibiscus is undeniably expensive. That said, I feel that it's a quality product and as aforementioned, it delivers results. Furthermore, it ticks the "free from" boxes and has a natural ethos so if all of these factors are important to you, I'd say it's definitely worth checking out.



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