Tuesday 24 September 2019

Speed Review: Maui Moisture Frangipani Body Wash

I don't know much about the brand, Maui Moisture but believe they are typically associated with hair care products. As such, it may be surprising that the first product I decided to try from the range is a body wash. The body washes are, in fact, a new addition to the line up (along with the introduction of scrubs and lotions). I picked this up when it was on offer in Boots recently- the "Frangipani" name appealed to me as I love this tropical flower, which reminds me of holidays. It's a relatively unusual ingredient within beauty products although Elemis' ever-popular Exotic range has products based around it.

Maui Moisture describe the product as, "Fragrant frangipani is infused into this gentle body wash, blended with exotic orchid extract and bright cypress oil. This formula helps soothe and nourish your skin to get back a healthy looking glow. Unlike some other body products that start with deionized water, Maui Moisture starts with a unique blend with aloe vera and is infused with coconut water. The results? Moisturised skin and a healthy-looking glow with every use!"

To me, the packaging has a very American feel in terms of the branding. It's a big plastic, squared bottle at over 500ml. Whilst the packaging clearly communicates the key ingredients of frangipani, orchid extract and cypress oil, along with the fact that the Body Wash is sulphate free, the packaging doesn't particularly highlight the aloe vera base which is surprising given the emphasis that the brand seems to place on this, e.g. on their website. I appreciated that the bottle wasn't opaque so that I could tell how much product was remaining as I used it.

Maui Moisture Frangipani Body Wash has a thick jelly texture and I felt that this reiterated the message about the base ingredient being aloe vera. I found the flip top lid on the packaging wasn't best suited to the texture (a tube presentation might be better) as it was a little difficult to control how much product was dispensed and I felt like I was wasting some of the product. That said, I was able to work the jelly into a generous lather so for that reason a little goes a long way. I found this to be particularly impressive given that the product is sulphate free. The Body Wash has a fresh, floral scent and I found it very pleasant to use. That said, the scent didn't linger on my skin following use.

Following use, my skin felt fresh, clean and hydrated (although not to the extent that I could forgo body moisturiser). I enjoyed using Maui Moisture Frangipani Body Wash and would be keen to check out more from the range in future- perhaps the dry body oil from the same range next.

Maui Moisture Frangipani Body Wash costs £8.99 for 577ml.

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