Friday 22 March 2024

Speed Review: Alterna Caviar Densifying Foam Conditioner

I never hear too much about haircare brand, Alterna but I've been impressed with the few products which I've tried. As such, when I spotted Alterna Caviar Densifying Foam Conditioner in TK Maxx at a great price, I couldn't resist picking it up to try.
The packaging design is inoffensive with subtle branding and is well suited, in terms of functionality, to the unusual mousse format of the product. Given that the texture is a move away from the norm when it comes to conditioners, I felt it important that the directions be clear and easy to follow and can happily confirm that they are. The directions recommend to dispense an egg-sized amount of product and I found it easy to do this in a controlled manner. The white mousse was also effortless to work through hair, with a little going a long way and meaning that the can of product will last for ages! It has a fresh scent during use- and no, it doesn't have a fishy scent in case the Caviar name had you worried! I couldn't detect the scent in my hair once it had been dried and styled. The lightweight texture of the mousse meant that it required no effort to rinse cleanly from my hair, leaving no residue. Following use, I was pleased that my fine hair wasn't weighed down and nor was my sensitive scalp irritated but my hair was simply left silky, shiny, smooth and manageable. Overall, I've been impressed with Alterna Caviar Densifying Foam Conditioner and whilst it's not readily available where I live, I'd certainly repurchase if I saw it in store again.

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