Friday 15 March 2024

Speed Review: Youth To The People Superclay Purify + Clear Power Mask

I really like the brand, Youth To The People and having been impressed with the products I've tried to date, picked up the Superclay Purify + Clear Power Mask from Cult Beauty. I treat my skin to a weekly home facial (you may be familiar with my regular "Sunday Facial" series on Instagram) and inevitably, this incorporates a detox mask in one form or another so I felt justified in the purchase. It combines 2% niacinamide with triple clay, algae, salicylic acid and kombucha and is designed to purge pores of excess oil and dirt to leave skin clear, calm and balanced, without disrupting the skin barrier. It's vegan friendly too.
The packaging is in keeping with the cool branding of Youth To The People. Whilst I like the clean aesthetic, I'd have preferred the functionality of a tube which would allow for greater control when dispensing the product, as well as being more hygienic. As the tub is quite slimline, I do wonder how easy it'll be to access the mask as it nears the end. The mask itself has a thick yet smooth creamy texture, with no particles and is blue-grey in colour. The scent is slightly earthy. A little goes a long way- I like to apply a thin, even layer to clean skin which I've spritzed with a little facial mist to prevent any dehydrating effects. It applies easily, feels gentle and doesn't feel irritating in any way on my skin. I appreciate that the mask gets to work in just 10 minutes so it's easy to fit into a home pamper routine and as it's not a messy, drippy mask, I can carry on with chores while the mask is on. During the 10 minutes, the mask dries onto skin but it doesn't feel uncomfortable. It's satisfying to see where it's particularly getting to work as it turns white around patches of congestion and excess oil. After 10 minutes, the mask is easy to remove with a damp flannel (washcloth- this isn't included) and in my option, delivers on the claims as skin is left feeling clean but not compromised. I feel that this detox mask would be well suited to all skin types but particularly oily or blemish prone. It's a very pleasant mask and at £33 for 59ml, it's fairly priced.

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