Sunday 15 August 2010

Creme de la Mer: Range Review

Some time ago, I was sent products to trial by the Creme de la Mer press office and it's taken me a while to blog about the results, the sole reason being that this is undeniably a luxury range with prices to match so I wanted to take my time with the trial in order to write a truly honest review.
I've been following the regime, starting with The Cleansing Foam and using The Hydrating Infusion, The Regenerating Serum, The Eye Concentrate and finishing with the infamous Creme.
I've been using The Lip Balm pretty much every single day and the pot has lasted me just over a year so I won't comment other than to say that it's one of my favourite beauty products. Conversely, I've tried a couple of products from the bodycare range and weirdly, have failed to fall in love with them.
I can honestly say that I'm delighted with the results- my skin looks model-clear to the extent that I've been able to go without make-up most days. I don't just worry about obvious blemishes but also about the texture of my skin, which is dehydrated and touch-sensitive but which has greatly improved. I admit that I've never had bad skin (touch wood), my main complaints in the past have been redness around my nose, some stress pimples along my forehead or occasional hormonal breakouts on my chin, and of course, everyone's skin is different so I can only comment on the results which I've observed.
Probably the only aspect which I don't like about following this regime is the need to apply a separate SPF- I'm always rushing about in the morning so prefer one which is integrated into my moisturiser.
I'm approaching 30 and am conscious that the time has come to reassess my skincare needs- I'm hugely paranoid about a deep-set line in the middle of my forehead starting to appear and although everyone else claims not to see it, I know that prevention at an early stage is the best method of treatment and besides, the beauty industry exists because of women's personal insecurities! I do believe that following the regime, in particular, using The Eye Concentrate has helped with this.
On the subject of price, I've actually been surprised at how long the products have lasted. They are of high quality and a little goes a long way so I'd say you get a good 3 months worth of use, at the very least, from each product so if you're looking to justify the expense, price per use is a good excuse! The Regenerating Serum has been the first to run out so I'm planning to continue following the regime without this to see if I'm as impressed with the results. At £210 for the bottle, it's the most expensive product from the regime (not based on quantity) and I might draw the line at forking out that much, despite the results but otherwise, I'd happily put my money where my mouth is.

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