Wednesday 4 August 2010

For Wannabe Oompa Lumpas only...

As a professional writer, there's an unwritten expectation to sugarcoat the truth about some brands, be it due to a PR relationship or the brand being a profitable advertiser. With this in mind, it's with some trepidation that I write my first "bad" review of a product- I hope that it will be read with respect for the honesty which is an inherant part of a blog and not taken as a lack of gratitude following much support from this PR.

I asked one of my go-to testers to trial Philosophy's The Big Skinny Self-Tanning Firming Cream and I'm sorry to report that the results were disappointing.
I'm normally a huge fan of Philosophy, particularly their guilt-free treat inspired sets which the child in me requests on my Christmas wish list every year. I adore the sentiments on the packaging and they're spot-on with the font and branding, which has been much-copied.

The Big Skinny Self-Tanning Firming Cream follows the fab packaging and delicious, food-inspired scents which the brand has become known for... this one smells of chocolate and is presented in a functional tube.
My tester is no stranger to fake tanning and so her opinion is a trusted one. She reported back that the formula took quite a long time to dry onto the skin, compared to the luxury brands which she is familiar with. Despite knowing her for her bronzed skin, I had to laugh when we met to discuss the trial- wow, somebody give this girl some exfoliator! She'd followed the usual tanning rules of exfoliating first, etc.. but the colour was streaky and a very unnatural, almost luminous orange- a truly ridiculous shade. "I look like a carrot that has been half peeled" came her damning summary. Needless to say, she hasn't and won't be testing this for sufficient time to comment on the firming powers.
Disappointing- sorry!

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