Monday 10 January 2011

Rodial launch Crash Diet range

Rodial Crash Diet
I'm big fan of Rodial with their results-driven products. They've long been associated as being the knife-free way to sculpt your face and body, with products such as Boob Job, Bum Lift and Glamtox. Their latest launch, Crash Diet comprises a topical gel, smoothies and powder sticks which are added to water to help drain toxins and water retention. There are dramatic claims that you can drop a dress size in 10 days and lose 6 inches in 2 weeks.

Somewhat conversely, I never had a problem with Skinny Beach or even the Tummy Tuck range so perhaps it's the name, perhaps it's the concept as a whole but there's something about Crash Diet which simply doesn't sit well with me. In this day & age, we should be taking a responsible approach to healthy weight loss, not giving in to quick fixes and shallow promises. Of course, the small print does reiterate this message and whilst I may not agree with the message they are promoting, the fact that Crash Diet has already sold out within days of its launch shows that it's certainly tapping into women's insecurites and that, unsurprisingly, there's a huge market for this sort of product.

That said, as we've come to expect from Rodial, it is very sleekly done with fab bright pink packaging.

I was sent some of the smoothie sachets to try, which are designed as a meal replacement for use 1-2 times a day (remind you of anything?!). They are effectively a banana and strawberry protein shake- again, I'm not a fan of protein shakes or protein rich diets as a whole, although appreciate that it's the filling aspect to a meal and therefore a popular option for dieters, so I have to admit to approaching this with a heavy dose of sceptism.

Given that the smoothies are just 70 calories (remember that they're designed as meal replacements), it's not really any huge surprise that you're going to lose weight if you switch to these for a short time (recommended time is 2 weeks) but my question is how sustainable is it? In my experience, it's easiest to lose weight at the start of a diet and gets progressively tougher the closer you get to your desired weight.
The smoothies are quick & easy to prepare. I liked that the mix is pre-measured into individual sachets which you simply mix with 200ml of fresh water, skimmed milk, soy milk or juice. I chose to mix mine with water the first time and the second sachet with milk- it certainly looked and smelt tasty, like a regular milkshake. I didn't really like the taste with water- it wasn't very thick although still satisfying. It was probably a little stupid of me not to try with juice as I think this would've tasted the best. It does have a slightly synthetic taste and isn't necessarily something I'd choose but it's certainly not bad.
The smoothies are 70% protein and are undeniably filling.
I admire the fact that it's such a high price (£48 for a pack of ten sachets) meaning that it will be prohibitively expensive for younger women so Rodial are taking some responsibility in that respect.
I stand by my thoughts regarding the name and overall impression of the range although can see it being popular before an event such as a wedding.

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