Wednesday 26 January 2011

Speed Review: Amie Skincare

I'm currently feeling rather hard done by. When I was a teenager, a girl was faced with three predominant skincare options- Oxy, Clearasil or Clean & Clear. I was firmly in the Clean & Clear camp. Now that I'm older and wiser in my approach to beauty, if nothing else, I regret ever having put these products on my skin. What was my mum thinking allowing me to do so? Filled with stripping alcohol, such products are far too harsh for skin, young or otherwise, in my opinion.

If only we'd had the vast array of skincare ranges which are targeting the young skin market today. With the likes of Elizabeth's Daughter (whose Facial Gel Cleanser is incredible by the way!), Dermalogica's Clean Start range, Oy! by Green People and Young & Pure, there's an ever expanding choice.

I was sent some products from Amie Skincare (, which prides itself on offering "pure & natural beauty for young skin" and I have to say that despite not being in their main target group, I'm impressed with the results.
In terms of pricing, Amie is in the same bracket as Young & Pure (& apparently Clearasil now costs the same- who knew?!)- we're talking around £5 per product which I feel is reasonable and affordable for their audience. The products last a really long time (I've been trialling the cleanser for a few weeks and the contents of the tube look barely touched) and the quality far exceeds the price. The packaging is quite cute, with whimiscal designs which are definitely intended to appeal to their young audience and reiterate the natural message. It's probably a little juvenile for the older market to want to display in the bathroom but then we're not their target group. I liked the functionality- squeezy tubes for the cream based products and a dripper bottle for the liquid.

First up, I reviewed Morning Clear Purifying Facial Wash which is refreshingly cream based, as opposed to the standard gel. As aforementioned, a little goes a long way which I'd put down to its rich creamy formula. The cleanser has a cocoa butter base which ensures it feels incredibly soothing and leaves skin feeling soft. I loved the fresh, slightly fruity fragrance of the product and feel this would also appeal to teenagers. The product has a pink tinge and, as with the other products in the range, a very female targeted packaging design so I wouldn't say Amie is one for the boys. I was impressed at how clear and soft this left my skin- I probably need something a little harder working for long term usage but if it provides such great results on my skin, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this for teens.

Bright Eyes Eye Make-up Remover didn't particularly wow me. There's not a great deal to say about it other than it's gentle. It took a couple of swipes on each eye to remove my daily make-up so I think those who wear heavy or waterproof eye make-up wouldn't find it sufficiently effective.

Having said that, the Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask gets the SkinDeep "highly recommended" tag for those looking for a purifying mask. I think it's great to encourage teens to apply a regular face mask as part of their skincare regime and the instructions are sufficiently clear that this would be a good introduction. A mask is a way that teens can have fun whilst discovering beauty products and think a tube of this would be the perfect accompliment to a slumber party. A little goes a long way so a group of friends could easily share the tube for a night of pampering, with more for further sleepovers.

The quality of the product gives no suggestion as to its reasonable price. The mask is easy to use and has a wonderful sweet, yet not sickly, scent which I was quite surprised at. Again, I think this would appeal to their target market- showing just how thoroughly thought out this range is. You simply leave the mask on for 10 minutes and then wash off. My only complaint is that the name suggested to me that it would feel cooling whilst on, which it wasn't. Being a clay based mask, the removal is a little tiresome but the reward is that skin feels wonderfully deep cleansed and refreshed.

I wouldn't wish to be a teenager again but if I did have my Tom Hanks style "Big" moment, I'd definitely be treating my skin with these products.

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  1. Hi! I'm 15 and I use a lot of clean and clear/ neutrogena visibly clear / and simple products.. I am now worried these are bad for my skin as I tend to go for products with salycilic acid in ect... any advice? :/xxx


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