Wednesday 12 January 2011

Speed Review: Wella Enrich Self-warming Mask

Wella Enrich Self- Warming Mask review

I love innovative products and so this brand new mask from Wella captured my attention when I was sent the press release for the CARE & STYLE range which launched earlier this month.

Hair masks work best when warmed as they are able to penetrate the hair shaft more deeply. I usually try to wrap my hair in a warm turban & even blast this wrap with the hairdryer when using masks. This mask takes the scientific knowledge and eliminates the faffing about by being self-heating.

The packaging is pretty unassuming and not necessarily something which would shout out to me from a shelf but do bear in mind that this is a salon range so perhaps it's to be expected. I liked that it's presented in a handy tube- much easier to dispense than messy tubs- although the on-pack instructions aren't particularly clear.

For a fair test, I trialled this by replacing my usual conditioner with the mask and keeping all other aspects the same. The instructions state that it's best applied to damp hair using dry hands and I have to say that jumping out of the shower to briefly dry my hands was by far the toughest part of this trial. It's a super easy to use mask, ideal for those who want to pamper themselves but don't necessarily have a great deal of time.

When I heard that it's a self-heating mask, I was reminded of clay formulas which I've tried in the past and was a little concerned that this would be some horribly thick consistency which would take forever to rinse out. I shouldn't have worried- it's a lightweight cream with a delicate fresh scent. I loved the warming sensation which is so comforting and adds an extra pampering aspect. You only leave the mask on for as long as it's heated, a minute at most. I really liked the speedy aspect of this as it would be easy to replace a regular conditioner for the mask without having to set aside any additional time as with many hair masks. It seemed to rinse out fairly easily and I have to say that when I was combing my damp hair, it's never been so easy!

The mask is described as providing medium conditioning and I'd say this is a reasonable description. I have fine hair and many masks can weight it down- this didn't so definitely a plus point in that respect. My hair felt soft but not particularly smoothed or glossy in appearance, although it did settle down nicely. It helped the managablility but didn't work miracles and certainly hasn't knocked my beloved Alterna off the top spot. Having said that, I think it's an affordable treat at £10.55 for the tube (you'd get plenty of uses out of it) so worth a try if you're looking for a fuss-free way to revamp your hair regime.

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