Wednesday 10 August 2011

Speed Review: The Body Shop Lip Oils

As a teenager, I had every flavour of The Body Shop's lip balms but it's been years since I used one of their lip products, for no particular reason other than a desire to continually discover new beauty products. However, the recent launch of The Body Shop Lip Oils caught my attention. I love using oils- on my hair, my face and my body so I was intrigued by the concept of an oil for lips, not something I've come across before. My only concern was that, given the affordable price (on introductory offer at £3 each), they'd be filled with "nasty" ingredients. I was pleasantly surprised to note that the Lip Oils are 100% natural.

The Lip Oils are available in coconut, mint, orange, rose and berry. The nostalgic part of me was slightly disappointed that they haven't produced one in vanilla. I was sent orange and rose versions to try although my rose rollerball appeared to be faulty meaning that I was only able to try orange. Not that this was a problem. Trialling the orange Lip Oil was such a joy- it's sweet scent meant that it was almost good enough to eat!
The rollerball format is easy to use and I like that it's more hygenic than a pot for on-the-go application. The formula is very liquid and doesn't feel greasy at all. Although it leaves a clear shine, it doesn't have the intensity that you'd achieve with a gloss. The downside is that I didn't find the Lip Oils offered any lasting hydration and I had to keep reapplying. I'd say that they'll be a good choice as a lip protectant (as opposed to conditioner) as winter approaches.
I have no idea if teens still shop at The Body Shop but I can just imagine myself back at school repeatedly applying the Lip Oils in class.

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