Saturday 27 August 2011

Speed Review: Fish Hairdressing Co. Style Fish Volumising Blow Dry Spray

Fish salon in Soho has been creating cutting-edge styles since 1987. Whilst I've never visited the salon, I recently met with the PR who kindly gave me a bottle of their Style Fish Volumising Blow Dry Spray.

Style Fish Volumising Blow Dry Spray is designed to help create big, sexy styles whilst incorporating heat protection benefits and medium holding power.
I fully expected to hate this. Whilst I of course like the idea of a voluminous style capable of making Cheryl Cole green with envy, I wasn't convinced that this would be the product to help me achieve it. Something about the fun packaging with its bold font and bright pink colour made me presume that it would feel sticky in my hair, with an equally sickly scent. That's not to say that I don't like the packaging- it just turns out that, La Biosthetique convert that I am, I like my haircare to be serious, who knew?!
Being a pump bottle, it's easy to control how much you dispense and I was certainly sure to apply it sparingly.
As I predicted, I hated the scent. A synthetic tropical, sickly sweet fragrance which brought to mind nasty cocktails, ugh.
Yet actually, I didn't hate the product. I was pleasantly surprised and really rather impressed. I couldn't feel any residue in my hair once it was dry and although I didn't feel that the volumising effects were particularly overwhelming, I liked that my hair seemed to have more body whilst being left smoothed. Even the scent, which subtly lingered, seemed to improve once heat had been applied. I also noticed that my style held well although still had movement.
I've fallen for Style Fish Volumising Blow Dry Spray hook, line and sinker and can't believe that it's just £4.07 for 150ml. I definitely recommend this.

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