Saturday 13 August 2011

Speed Review: Jessica Pink Explosion Nail Polish

When I recently had a manicure, I thought I'd veer away from my usual colours and opt for a bright, fluro pink. After all, it is (supposedly) summer.
The colour I chose was Pink Explosion by Jessica, which appears Barbie pink in the bottle but applies much brighter, almost bordering on neon. I have to say that I've been super impressed with the lasting results. It's still going strong one week after my treatment & it's certainly been a busy week!

I don't feel able to comment on the formula as I didn't work with it myself but I wanted to post pictures so you could gain a feel for the colour. I'm somewhat disappointed that the boldness of the pink hasn't been captured in either the natural sunlight (first two pics) or indoors. The photos seem to hint at a coral orange which isn't there at all in reality.


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