Saturday 17 March 2012

Recent Hauls

I thought you might be interested to see some recent purchases. Let me know if you'd like reviews of any of the products.



  1. I have the e.l.f bronze & blush compact and just mentioned it in my makeup post. I also have the Collection 2000 blush which I was totally dissapointed with which is SO annoying because when i see this on other blogs they colour pay off is good. Mine doesnt have any colour to it, I rub it but nothing, It's like it has a layer of crap on it? x

  2. I'd love it if you reviewed the cargo and elf products :)

    I LOVE the collection 2000 concealer :)

    xx raquel

  3. Thanks so much for commenting!
    Sherrie- such a shame to hear that about your Collection 2000 blusher, I suspect you must have a dud because the colour pay-off on mine is incredible. Have you tried scraping the top layer off? I'm loving the blusher- it's so pretty & I've been wearing it every day recently which is impressive considering that I normally only ever choose cream, not powder formulas.
    Raquel- of course I'll review the products, will aim to do this in the next month or so, if not earlier. Was there a particular elf product you wanted me to review or just an overview of what I bought? :)


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