Monday 5 March 2012

Speed Review: Neil George Indian Gooseberry Intense Repair Mask

I first tried American haircare brand, Neil George, a couple of years ago. It was the brand through which I discovered the joys of hair oil and their Indian Gooseberry Treatment Oil really helped to transform my tresses.
Indian Gooseberry is a highly concentrated antioxidant which helps to maintain, nourish and protect hair and scalp. Having been impressed with the Treatment Oil, I was excited to try Neil George Indian Gooseberry Intense Repair Mask which I was sent by to trial.

I really liked the functional tube packaging, which made it easy to control how much product I dispensed. I have fine hair which isn't in too bad of a condition at the moment so I wanted to use the mask, which is designed to treat dry, colour treated and damaged hair, sparingly. The tube is massive and, as a little product goes a long way, it will last for ages. I almost feel that the 215ml tube is a little too big and I wonder how many people would be able to use the entire tube before the paraben free formula started to alter. It's pretty pricey too at nearly £30 so I'd prefer to see a smaller, more affordable option.
It's a relatively thick, creamy formula with a pleasant fruity fragrance, although this doesn't linger on hair once it's dried. The best thing about Neil George Intense Repair Hair Mask is that you only need to leave it on hair for 2-3 minutes so it's easy to incorporate into your routine. I found it easy to rinse out.
My hair was left looking healthy, easy to style and feeling wonderfully soft and smooth. Overall, I really liked this and I'd recommend checking it out.
Neil George Indian Gooseberry Intense Repair Mask costs £29 for 215ml.

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