Tuesday 6 March 2012

Speed Review: Philosophy Hope in a Jar

Here's a blast from the past. I used to use Philosophy's Hope in a Jar face moisturiser when I was in my late teens and I've recently rediscovered it.
Like most people, I tend to associate Philosophy with the fun "foodie" body washes which have "inspired" numerous copies. I don't think it's necessarily a brand which people would immediately associate with skincare but Hope in a Jar was originally created for the medical market and I have to say, I've been enjoying using it once again.
I really like the sleek jar packaging which is in line with other products from the Philosophy brand.
Hope in a Jar has a lightweight, "whipped" texture which means that it is easily absoribed, sinking into skin beautifully, leaving a velvety finish and no greasiness. I feel that it would suit a variety of different skin types. My only complaint is that I like my daytime moisturisers to contain SPF so I've been using this as a base for makeup when I'm going out in the evenings and, with its smooth finish, it's perfect for this.
The lavender scent might not be to everyone's liking but it's certainly not offensive.
At £34 for 60ml, this is an expensive product and although a little goes a long way, I feel that it is rather overpriced. Having said this, I like it as much now (probably more so) as I did 10 years ago so I'd definitely recommend shopping around and perhaps picking up a trial size as part of one of Philosophy's fabulous gift sets.

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  1. Hope in a Jar holds promise, but I agree, I think I would like to try a sample first.


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