Monday 4 April 2016

Makeup Monday Speed Review: Illamasqua Single Powder Eyeshadows in Slink & Heroine

It's been a couple of months since my last eyeshadow review here on Skin Deep so I wanted to share with you the single eyeshadows I've recently been reaching for on a day to day basis. Instead of the sometimes overwhelming selection offered by a palette, two single eyeshadows have become staples within my routine. Step forward Illamasqua Single Powder Eyeshadows in Slink & Heroine.

Illamasqua eyeshadow review

Illamasqua Single Powder Eyeshadow review

I'm a big, longtime fan of Illamasqua and can still remember the frenzy surrounding the brand's launch around 8 years ago. I can't think of a product from the brand that I've tried and haven't liked.

Both of the powder eyeshadows are presented in an outer box & then packaged in sturdy, square plastic compacts, with a front window showing the colour inside. There's no mirror but I'm happy to forgo that in favour of being able to find the desired colours quickly within my crowded makeup collection.  Each of the compacts contains 2g of product (as a point of reference, a MAC standard pan eyeshadow contains 1.5g).

Illamasqua describe Slink as a soft Champagne colour with a shimmer finish and I feel that this describes it perfectly. It's ideal for wearing as a single wash of colour over the lid, either on days when I want something quick & easy yet polished or when I want a simple eye look (when I pair it with a flick of black liner) to balance a bold lip. The Champagne colour means that it instantly adds a brightened effect to the eye area & is wonderfully awakening. Slink doesn't contain chunks of glitter but is smooth and soft. It's pigmented but blends easily. What's more, it's impressively long-wearing and doesn't crease or wear off even on long work days.

Heroine is described as an ash taupe with a matte finish. Unlike many matte shadows, Heroine isn't chalky in the slightest but is pigmented, buttery soft & easily blendable. I like using this in the crease to add definition to my eye but the cool tone means that it also works perfectly as a contour shade on the face. It's a little light for me to use on my brunette brows but those who are fairer may find that this also works as a brow colour. This versatile eyeshadow single is the perfect addition to any collection & in particular, to include in a travel makeup bag.

Illamasqua Slink and Heroine Eyeshadow swatches
Pictured: Slink (l) & Heroine (r) in natural daylight

Illamasqua Slink and Heroine Eyeshadow swatches
Pictured: Slink (l) & Heroine (r) with flash

Illamasqua Single Powder Eyeshadows cost £16.50 each and whilst this isn't cheap, I feel that the quality means that the price is justified, particularly as Slink & Heroine are great staple shades which are wearable and likely to be reached for time & time again.

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  1. I used to have "Heroine," but a lot of my makeup was lost in 2015, when I unexpectedly had to go into the hospital for an extended time.
    I love Illamasqua, and need to re-buy some particular favorites, such as "Heroine" eyeshadow and "Sangers" lipstick. I'm willing to pay more for Illamasqua, because it's cruelty-free and high quality.


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