Saturday 30 April 2016

Speed Review: Radox Feel Relaxed Shower Gel

I like to use a different shower gel depending on my mood or the time of day. I reach for uplifting, energising fragrances for use in the morning, whereas in the evening I prefer those which are designed to help relax and unwind. As such, when I was recently sent Radox Feel Relaxed Shower Gel from the new Feel Refreshed Herbal Scents range, it was an obvious addition to my evening shower routine.

Radox Feel Relaxed Shower Gel

I like the ethos behind the new Feel Refreshed Herbal Scents range, which is inspired by the fact that Radox has been producing fragrances designed to transform mood since 1908 when they introduced their popular bath salts. The new range includes nine scents, with Feel Relaxed being one of the most popular.

It's clear from the packaging that Radox is an affordable brand and I was intrigued to learn from the PR that Radox is the number one shower brand in the UK, selling products to 17 million households each year. I liked that the key ingredients of lavender and waterlilly are highlighted in the design. The packaging is functional with the option of hooking it onto a shower fitting or standing the plastic bottle upright. I liked that the transparent packaging enabled me to see how much product was remaining. The flip top lid & non-drip value meant that it was easy to control how much was dispensed, without wastage.

Radox Feel Relaxed Shower Gel is a lilac tinted gel. As an affordable shower gel, I was unsurprised to note the inclusion of SLS within the formula and as a result of this, it produces a generous, soft lather & a little goes a long way. I felt the need to moisturise following use as I generally find products containing SLS to be quite drying.

I was surprised that Radox Feel Relaxed Shower Gel didn't have an obvious lavender scent but instead, had quite a warm, soft & powdery floral fragrance which I found pleasant & comforting. I was unable to detect the scent on my skin after my shower. Equally, I didn't notice any relaxing benefits but I can't say that I was particularly disappointed by this as I hadn't truly been expecting such results from an affordable shower gel.

Radox Feel Relaxed Shower Gel isn't anything special but as a basic shower gel, it does the job perfectly well.

Radox Feel Relaxed Shower Gel costs £1.99 for 250ml and as it's often on offer for just £1, I feel that it's fairly priced.

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