Thursday 14 April 2016

Speed Review: Ruby Red Reviving Body Cleanser

Ruby Red Body Cleanser review

Today's review is of Ruby Red Reviving Body Cleanser, which I've recently been using as my morning body wash.

On first impressions, I loved the effortlessly cool packaging which I was happy to have on display in my shower. The brown plastic bottle is sufficiently transparent so as to be able to tell how much product is remaining.

The functional pump dispenser works well with the relatively liquid formula of the body wash. Despite being free from SLS, I was able to work the body wash into a lather.

Ruby Red Reviving Body Cleanser is naturally fragranced with pure essential oils from the peel of ripe limes and red mandarin, crushed coriander seeds and wild cedarwood to invigorate and energise. I absolutely loved the fragrance which I found delivered on the reviving & invigorating claims. Fresh lime is the predominant note but I was also able to detect cedarwood, which added a grown up depth to the scent. It's a fragrance which would appeal to both men & women and which is wonderfully fresh, not synthetic. Unfortunately, I couldn't detect the scent on my skin following use.

I didn't find the shower gel to be particularly drying on my skin but I did need to moisturise following use.

At £32 for a generously sized 500ml, Ruby Red Reviving Body Cleanser is undeniably expensive but I thoroughly enjoyed using it. I feel that this would make a wonderful gift or simply as a special treat to self to add extra enjoyment to the everyday ritual of showering.

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