Monday, 18 April 2011

ASOS & Nivea Competition

I'm a big fan of ASOS so was excited to hear that they are partnering up with Nivea to celebrate the introduction of the skincare brand's new Invisible For Black & White Deodorant.

Based on the recognition that both black and white clothes can be affected by deodorant, from telltale white marks on black clothes and, on a more innovative note, those permanent yellow stains on white clothes, Nivea have developed a new deodorant, available in two fragrances and a choice of spray or roll-on format.
To celebrate the launch, ASOS have designed the perfect monochrome capsule collection inspired by the catwalk, with a competition offering the chance to win the entire range. For further details, click here.

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  1. Ray Banと言ったら、サングラスが一番有名。レイバン サングラスと言えば、ウェイファーラーが一番人気。そして、レイバン ウェイファーラーを言えば、一番最初に思い出すモデル、どれでしょう?


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