Wednesday 20 April 2011

Speed Review: Sun-Believable

I really like Leighton Denny & trust his knowledge of the beauty industry, so despite not being overly into fake tan, my attention was captured when I heard he was involved in the development of new brand, Sun-Believable along with expert James Harknett.

The PR kindly sent me a Try Me Set, containing 100ml sizes of each of the core products: Scrub Me Body Exfoliator, Cream Me Body Moisturiser and Tan Me Self Tan Mousse in Medium, along with an applicator mitt all contained within a transparent bag. I really like that they've thought to include an applicator mitt and was impressed to note that this also comes with the Mousse if you buy the product individually. Admittedly, some of the black lint transferred onto my skin on the first use but for me, this wasn't a problem particularly being a one-off when the product was just opened. The set also contains a booklet filled with handy tips in addition to application instructions, keeping things pretty much foolproof for novices.
I like the sleek black packaging and actually prefer the functionality of the tube formats included in the Try Me Set. I've seen images of the individual Exfoliator & Body Moisturiser, both of which are presented in tubs.

First up, I used Scrub Me Body Exfoliator which is applied to dry skin then massaged off in the shower. It's a really thorough yet gentle exfoliator based on ground walnut shell and although I tend to prefer more pampering balm style formulas, I'd happily use this again even if I wasn't intending to follow with fake tan. The scent is slightly sweet and fruity. I decided not to fake tan my face so can't comment on the suitability of this for face, or the other products (I believe the Mousse can be used on the face).

As advised, I applied Cream Me Body Moisturiser in a light layer to danger zones such as elbows, ankles and knees. The cream is lightweight & easily absorbed.

Next up, Tan Me Self Tan Mousse.
The mousse is an awful colour- really quite scary with its green tint, however, this is the genius element which counteracts any orange hues from appearing. It also means that you can easily spot any areas you may have missed. The time taken to dry onto skin is comparable to other fake tans but the best thing is that it really doesn't have that distinctive, biscuity fake tan scent which so many others claim not to have, yet do. In spite of trying the medium shade, I adored the natural golden tan which this gave me- very believable and akin to the shade I naturally go if I've caught the sun. Even my mum couldn't believe that it was fake- and we all know how honest mums tend to be!

The Try Me Set retails at £35 so not cheap but I truly believe it's worth every penny. I'd say that it would last for a season given that you only need a little, especially of the exfoliator and cream.

I've never understood the appeal of fake tanning before- I like the premise behind it but before now, had never found a product to convince me 100%. I cannot stress enough just how impressed I am with this range- I really, really LOVE it. It's by far the best fake tan I've ever come across. My new summer essential!

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