Tuesday 19 April 2011

Speed Review: Naked Truth by Dr. Darren McKeown Face Renewal Mask

Naked Truth is a brand new range of five skincare products by cosmetic doctor, Dr. Darren Mckeown. Although I care about the ingredients within my products, I'd say the majority of my skincare is either from specialist or therapist brands as opposed to the signature ranges of cosmetic doctors. That's not to say I'm actively against cosmetic surgery and despite not feeling it's something I feel I need to explore at the moment, I'm within the "never say never" bracket. So, I was surprised at my desire to try the new range. I'd say part of that decision is down to the wonderful PR behind the launch and also the packaging, which has a slight feel of my beloved Eve Lom to it. It's very sleek and although it's clinical, it's desirable.
The concept behind the brand is that it only contains active ingredients which have been scientifically proven to improve skin's appearance, as the 29 year old doctor explains, "I chose the active ingredients based on the strength of scientific evidence to support their efficacy. I wanted to select the ingredients based on science rather than fiction and if there is no scientific evidence that an active works, then there is no room for it in my product. It's not that we don't believe in miracles, it's just that we're not sure they come in bottles."

The PR thoughtfully recommended that the Face Renewal Mask would be the best introduction to the range based on my skincare needs. Naked Truth Face Renewal Mask is descibed as a triple action mask designed for weekly use to exfoliate, boost radiance and soothe. The mask contains "finely crushed olive stones" as the exfoliant and I personally found the granules rather large. Having said this, I was surprised to find that in spite of my initial concerns, the olive stones didn't feel abrasive yet worked to thoroughly exfoliate. I absolutely adored the lightweight, whipped texture of the mask as well as the zesty scent. A little goes a long way so I feel that the price of £21.99 for 50ml is fair, particularly if compared to similar products. After 10-15minutes, the mask can be rinsed off. It doesn't dry on the skin but I liked how creamy the mask felt when rinsing off and I felt that this encouraged a massage action. Although I didn't see a noticable difference to the radiance of my skin, it did feel wonderfully softened and importantly, I found the mask enjoyable to use.

I think this brand may become one to watch, particularly as it offers such great value for money. I'm intrigued to see how it will develop in time. It's available online at Superdrug now and in their stores nationwide from 18th May. I have to say that I am surprised at the choice of distribution outlet and wonder how the brand will be received given this choice. What do you think?

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