Thursday 14 April 2011

Speed Review: Superdrug Ooh la Spa

Quite a few beauty brands have been introducing home spa ranges recently, with the latest being Superdrug. Their new Ooh la Spa range features a comprehensive range of products for both face and body.

I was sent products from their bathing range: Keep It Clean Body Wash, Take A Dip Bath Soak and Moisture Boost Body Butter.

I'd have liked to have seen more thought go into the packaging- aside from the bright colour and bold font screaming out what the product is, there's little else & I felt that this gave a first impression of cheapness. For example, I wouldn't be inclined to buy a selection of these products and make up a gift set, whereas there are other reasonably priced brands which successfully combine affordability with desirability. Having said this, the packaging is functional and I like that there's also a choice of travel sizes and accessories.

First up, I tried Keep It Clean Body Wash and have to say that I was disappointed. The cream gel lathers well but I didn't particularly like the scent which is very synthetic. Although it's affordable at £3.49, I feel that there are nicer shower gels than this even if you're on a budget.
Take a Dip Bath Soak isn't the most luxurious product but I do feel that it's a pleasant treat for those on a budget. It creates a fair amount of bubbles and I'd say it's more invigorating than relaxing. Skin was left feeling softened.
Which brings me nicely onto... Moisture Boost Body Butter.
The body butter is nice enough & I particularly liked the whipped texture which meant that it was more readily absorbed than most butters, without a greasy residue. I'm surprised that there's also a souffle in the range, given the texture of the butter but I do like that there's an option of moisturisers, also including a lotion & a dry oil. It left my skin feeling conditioned & I was impressed at how long-lasting these effects were. However, I need something more, with a results focus to take an everyday essential into pampering home spa treat and to say it's branded as Ooh la Spa, I simply don't think it delivers on this. Having said that, I'd happily recommend this as a daily moisturiser for those on a budget, particularly as I feel it offers good value for money.


  1. I quite like the packaging, it jumped off the page when I was reading your blog in reader but I guess up close it's not so great?

    I'm curious to try the scrub of course, from the picture it looks like a gel rather than cream which is a good start.

  2. Hello,

    Great review! This products seems very good!

    Kindest regards,

    George Boekov


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