Saturday 30 July 2011

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Dr. Linda Papadopoulos

You may recognise renowned psychologist, Dr. Linda Papadopoulos yet are perhaps wondering what she has to do with the beauty industry? Well, having carried out years of research into psychodermatology, Dr. Linda has recently launched her own skincare range, LP Skin Therapy and kindly agreed to talk to Skin Deep about it. She was so warm and friendly- an absolute pleasure to interview!

SD: How did the LP Skin Therapy range come about?
Dr. LP: I've been interested in Psychodermatology for years. Whilst studying for my PHD, I focussed upon my cousin who suffered from Vitiligo. She was always very fun and an extrovert so it was interesting to me to see how her skin condition affected her. While I worked with Vitiligo patients to look at the impact of a CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) protocol I had developed on Body Image, Self Esteem and Quality of Life, I realised that there was something bigger going on biochemically when I noticed the effect that improving self esteem and body confidence had on the progression of the condition itself.

SD: Why now?
Dr. LP: I've been asked to create a range for years but it was important for me to take the time to get it right. It's (the way in which our psychological state affects physical functioning) also something which people are understanding more and more.

SD: What is the best thing about having your own skincare range?
Dr. LP: I get to decide what goes in it and use the products I've always wanted. For example, I've suffered from dark circles under my eyes for years so it was important for me to create the very best eye cream. Traditionally, the beauty industry has a basis of making women feel that they needed products. My range is all about skin health, understanding the connection between feeling good and looking good, and making women feel happy to look in the mirror and love what they see.

SD: Any struggles you've overcome in setting up the business?
Dr. LP: Finding people (e.g. chemists) who had the experience in Psychodermatology that I wanted them to have. The range uses very expensive ingredients so I've had to push for the margins to be small because I wanted to make sure people could still have access to the products. The chemists have had to put up with me sending samples back and forth until they were just right. It's also a new concept so it is important to me that people understand the basis behind it.

SD: How can issues such as stress affect the appearance?
Dr. LP: Many ways- eczema, psorosis, etc.. In the future, I'd love to have a psychodermatology clinic. Women are living increasingly stressful lives, whether it's travelling a lot, looking after children, etc.. so I wanted to encourage a more holistic approach to skincare.

SD: You're a busy working mother. Any tips to achieving a balance?
Dr. LP: I make a point of switching off at the weekend. I don't look at my emails. I try to really be in the moment and focus on what I'm doing at a point in time, for example when spending time with Jessie (daughter). My husband is also very supportive.

SD: Who/ what inspires you?
Dr. LP: My mother and my father... both lovely people who emigrated to Canada and instilled their strong values and hard work ethic in me. In particular, my mother taught me about the idea of "me time" and self care skills, investing in myself.

SD: If you could have created any famous beauty product or range, what would you choose? Dr. LP: My favourite perfume, Miss Dior Cherie.

SD: What is your number one beauty tip?
Dr. LP: Get a good night's sleep. Head to bed an hour earlier than you normally do and take the time to take you makeup off, apply moisturiser. If you suffer from insomnia, I'd definitely recommend to visit a specialist sleep clinic. Sleep has such an impact on overall wellbeing and this is reflected in the appearance.

SD: What is your top feel good tip?
Dr. LP: Focus on the thing you love about yourself before you leave the mirror.

SD: Finally, what does Skin Deep mean to you?
Dr. LP: Time and time again the way that people perceive us is based on the way we see ourselves. Beauty is about accepting and appreciating who we are and our natural beauty, not aspiring to the "should's and have to's" that society often bombards us with.

I've been busily trialling a couple of products from the LP Skin Therapy range and will be posting a review in due course.


  1. What an excellent post, such an interesting interview. I think we can all recognise when we feel bad, we (think we) look bad too. I would be really interested to check out the range after reading this.

  2. Really awesome blog, I loved reading.
    Can you please tell me some skin glowing tips?


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