Monday 25 July 2011

Speed Review: He-Shi 3 Step Discovery Kit

Regular readers will know that I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Shelley McMurray of He-Shi (click here to check it out) and following the interview, I had the chance to try their new He-Shi 3 Step Discovery Kit.
Exfoliating Body Wash
A 50ml version of the Exfoliating Body Wash is included and intended as the first step to your self tanning regime. I liked the functionality of the tube packaging. Directions are clear and state that Exfoliating Body Wash can also be used on the face although I personally wouldn't be comfortable applying this to my sensitive skin. It's not a particularly abrasive formula as the exfoliation is two-fold with both granules and fruit acids but I like to keep my face and body products separate. The gel formula smells good enough to eat with a scent which is reminiscent of strawberry sweets. It's a little juvenile but fun and summery nonetheless. The gel lathers nicely. I felt that I had to use quite a bit of product but this could simply be due to the small sized tube making it seem like I was using more than usual. My skin felt smoothed and ready for the next step.

Express Liquid Tan
Again, the Express Liquid Tan is presented in a 50ml miniature version, this time a bottle. I had high expectations as it's often described as a professional self-tan. The trouble is, I'm not a professional beautician and I found it very difficult to work with. It lives up to its liquid name and is a watery texture such as those used in spray tans. Although the resulting colour was very natural and I only noticed minimal scent, I'd prefer to try one of the other formulas from the range such as the mousse as the difficulty I had in applying this would put me off using it again. Having said this, I think with practise, it would get easier to work with. Additionally, I'd have preferred a deeper colour guide. On the plus point, I liked that it dried quickly and was impressed with the longevity of the results. Top tip, to avoid a polka dot bathroom floor such as mine, apply in the shower (unless marble).
A miniature tanning mitt is included but it's so small that I didn't bother with it, opting instead to use one I'd previously bought from a different brand.

Day to Day Gradual Tan
The Gradual Tan is a lightweight lotion which can either be used on its own or to top up your self tan. Presented in a 50ml tube, it lends itself well to packing for a holiday to maintain your self tan. Used alone, the results are incredibly subtle, adding the merest hint of colour, making it very believable. I quite liked the chocolate ice-cream scent and I felt far more confident using this than the tanning product, knowing that mistakes would be less noticable so it's a good idea if you're nervous of self tans. I understand that He-Shi are reformulating their Gradual Tan and I'm told that it's the updated formula within the set.
At £17.50, I feel that this travel set represents good value for money, particularly when compared to similar sets from other brands. It's a nice way to try out a few of the products from the range as I know a lot of people are often nervous about investing in a new self tanning product. Overall, I was impressed with the results despite struggling with the application so if you're looking to try a new self tanning brand, I'd recommend He-Shi but would suggest sticking to one of their traditional lotion or mousse formulas if you're a beginner.

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