Sunday 10 July 2011

Sunday night fun...

Some of the more eagle eyed of my readers might have spotted the new Best Blog badge on the right hand side of Skin Deep.

Whilst I'm not normally one to go in for these types of awards, it's a real honour to have been chosen for this by a fellow blogger, Discovering Beauty. If you haven't yet checked out her site, click here to do so.
It's a cute idea, similar to a modern day chain letter I guess. As part of the award, I've been asked to share some facts about myself, answer some set questions and nominate ten other blogs for the award. So, here goes..
Seven random facts about myself are; 1) I'm half South American, 2) Lulu Guinness named a handbag after me, 3) I'm coeliac, 4) I share my birthday with Coco Chanel, 5) Cheese is my favourite food, 6) I have terrible eyesight and 7) I don't own a pair of trainers
My answers to the questions:
Favourite colour? Of what? Nail polish? Lipstick? It depends!
Favourite song? Too many to list!
Favourite dessert? Pavlova
What is p*ssing you off? Nothing I'd air in public!
When you're upset you.. drink orange squash and phone a friend
Your favourite pet? Cat
Black or white? Black
Biggest fear? If I share it, it might happen!
Best feature? Random, I know but I quite like my shoulders
Everyday attitude? Better to regret doing something than regret not doing
What is perfection? Flawless, luxury design
Guilty pleasure? Weekend lie-ins and bad TV. Oh, and Nutella
Shoutout to ten blogs:
British Beauty Blogger
Product Placement
A Model Recommends
Lauren Loves
Lady of the Lane
Sophie Feels Better
Modesty Brown
Beauty Mouth

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