Sunday 24 July 2011

Speed Review: Pupa Buttock Enhancer

I was sent a sample of Pupa Buttock Enhancer which I passed onto a friend to trial:
My efforts in the gym, a.k.a. Operation J.Lo have not been going to plan. I have quite a boyish figure and whilst there are worse things in the world, I have always lusted after really womanly curves. Whilst Pupa Buttock Enhancer doesn't make any outlandish claims that it will turn me into Mad Men's Joan Holloway, it does claim that the lotion will boost up your derriere noticeably. I'm sure lots of people will buy this in the aftermath of the Royal Wedding Pippa dress frenzy!
It does however, concede that in order to see these results you have to apply it morning and night and every day for 28 days before you see results. Thereafter, you need to continue to use it twice a day, basically for as long as you want to maintain that booty! And this is what I found really difficult- to commit to a product twice a day, every day was impossible. I definitely managed every morning as it just fitted right into my morning gym, shower, moisturise routine but every night??? I'm sorry, I just couldn't stick to it. I think you'd need to have two tubes on the go- one in the gym bag and one on the bedside table.
That said- the effects are noticeable, although it's difficult to know whether it's the extra uphill running I've been doing or the product. It's definitely not plumped my backside but it does feel rounder. Apart from anything else, the lotion is lovely and smooth, quickly absorbed and smells beautiful. I've been a fan of Pupa since my first visit to Rome as a sixth former- I remember those little bug shaped lip balms and glosses were all the rage! I just wished that I could apply the lotion all over but I was a little worried about the "plumping" effect! I'm not 100% convinced but it's an interesting product and definitely worth a shot if you can stick with it and commit to it. I'd be interested to know how much the tube costs and will probably keep the tube for my wedding build-up. My fiance thinks I've lost the plot with all my bits & bobs but now I've got bum-boosting body lotion, I think he's considering feeding me to the squirrels!

Pupa Buttock Enhancer costs £39 for 150ml at

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  1. Ha ha I love the last bit, James has the nut house on stand by over here too! Everywhere he turns there is 'stuff'.

    Twice a day is a big commitment for rounder tush but if it gets softer then that can only be a good thing?



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