Sunday 8 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Caudalie Divine Indulgence Gift Set

Today's Christmas Countdown gift idea is from beauty blogger favourite, Caudalie.
The Caudalie Divine Indulgence Set appealed to me to include because the French brand first captured my attention through its bodycare range, not the skincare range which seems to be the most hyped these days.

I was interested to revisit the bodycare range via this gift set which contains a full sized bottle of the popular Divine Oil, along with deluxe samples of Divine Scrub and Divine Legs, and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Caudalie Divine Oil
Caudalie Divine Oil is the "hero" product in the collection and the one which is featured in a full sized 100ml glass bottle. It's a luxurious oil containing grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan oils. To buy this individually, it costs £27- the same price as the gift set- so you're essentially receiving the other two products for free.
Oils are my go-to formula for quick and easy hydration in a hurry. They feature heavily in my personal routine and I often recommend them to other busy ladies, such as new mums. Caudalie's Divine Oil goes one step further in the efficiency stakes by being a clever multi-tasker (complete with functional spray dispenser) that can be used on face, body or hair. I've only tried it on my body so far but can report back that it was easily absorbed, leaving no greasy residue just a healthy sheen and a wonderful, exotic floral fragrance which lingered on my skin throughout the day. The scent is extremely similar to that of the cult Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse.

Caudalie Divine Scrub
I have to admit that this was the product within the set which I was most disappointed with. I used to be a huge fan of Caudalie's body scrubs (read my review of Caudalie Crushed Cabernet Scrub here) which is why I had such high hopes for this.
Divine Scrub has a thick balm-like texture which emulsifies to a cream when applied to damp skin. It has an incredible, almost perfume-like fragrance and I found that this lingered delicately on the skin after use. The major downside for me was that because it has a sugar base, this lacked the satisfyingly abrasive quality that I crave in a scrub (& which is most often received via salt granules). It's such a shame because if the granules were that little bit more effective, the creamy texture & fantastic scent of this could have made it a winning combination. It features the same four key oils as Divine Oil- namely grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan oil to leave skin conditioned but without leaving a residue.
I recognise that not everyone likes such a strong scrub as I do and this 50g tub should give sufficient product to decide if you like Divine Scrub.

Caudalie Divine Legs
Finally, we have a 25ml tube of Divine Legs, which is a tinted lotion. Whilst the other products within the set are reminiscent of summer thanks to the exotic floral fragrance, Divine Legs is perfectly suited to party season (although it would be a welcomed addition to any beauty kit year round). As my somewhat awkward photo shows, Divine Legs looks alarming dark when first squeezed out of the tube and I was initially wary of the micro glitter particles suspended within it too. However, I needn't have been concerned. A little goes a long way and Divine Legs blends easily into skin to give an instant, yet subtle hint of golden colour. It's not going to give the appearance of two weeks in Mustique but it does add a "helping hand" to pasty winter limbs (forget reserving this solely for legs, I've been slathering it on all over) and is a good option for those who are afraid of fake tanning disasters. What's more, it dries quickly and leaves skin scented with the line's signature exotic floral fragrance, and can be washed off easily afterwards.



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