Sunday 15 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Elemis Frangipani Secrets

For today's Christmas Countdown I'm unashamedly bringing you yet another bath & body pampering gift idea but I couldn't resist as this gift set features two of my favourite products to indulge with, both of which are Skin Deep Beauty Award winners. The Elemis Frangipani Secrets gift set comprises full sizes of the Frangipani Monoi Shower Cream and Frangipani Monoi Body Oil.

Unlike many shower creams whose nourishing claims leave me disappointed, Elemis Frangipani Shower Cream truly does help to hydrate and within a couple of days' use, the overall condition of skin is improved. Presented in functional tube packaging, the luxurious shower wash adds a sense of indulgence to an everyday routine. What's more, it boasts the signature exotic floral fragrance of the Elemis Frangipani line and this incredible scent lingers on the skin after use. I've gone through a few tubes of Elemis Frangipani Shower Cream in the past and it's a product that I'll continue to repurchase.

I've lost count of the number of bottles of Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil that I've gone through since discovering it approximately six years ago. It's one of my all-time favourite beauty products and has earned a place in the Skin Deep Hall of Fame, having been recognised in the annual Skin Deep Beauty Awards every year. I adore the ritualistic aspect of having to melt the oil, which is solid at room temperature, and it feels incredibly indulgent to apply the warm oil. It has the same, distinctive exotic floral scent of the Frangipani line.  Despite the name, Elemis Frangipani Monoi Body Oil can also be used on hair or applied to cuticles.

Elemis Frangipani Secrets costs £37.50, which offers good value for money. To buy the two products individually, it would cost approximately £50 so you're getting a saving of more than £10.

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