Monday 2 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Ecotools Fresh & Flawless Brush Set

I like to write about makeup on Mondays, for no other reason than I enjoy the alliteration of Makeup Mondays. As such, the second instalment of Skin Deep's Christmas Countdown features Ecotools Fresh & Flawless Brush Set.

I feel that this set of five complexion brushes, from the brand that counts the likes of Alicia Silverstone amongst its fans, would make a gorgeous gift.

Presented in a cardboard book format which is approximately the size of a small diary- but oh so much more exciting, the Ecotools Fresh & Flawless Brush set would be easy to wrap- after all, who needs the hassle of awkward shapes at this time of year?! What's more, it's sufficiently lightweight that it would be a good choice if you need to mail gifts this year.

Ecotools Fresh & Flawless Brush Set has a magnetised fastening and contains a full powder brush, complexion blending brush, precision foundation brush, flat concealer brush and buffing concealer brush. It's worth noting that the box contains a description of how to use each brush which I feel would make this set a good choice for beginners.

The brushes are beautiful, featuring sleek bamboo handles printed with the Ecotools logo on one side and the name of the specific brush on the other. The recycled aluminium ferrules are brightly coloured and have a pretty leaf design that makes these brushes stand out amongst a sea of other brands. The soft bristles are of course, synthetic so you can be assured that they're cruelty free. This also means that the brushes are suitable for use with both powder and cream products alike and will dry quickly after washing.

The brushes themselves are miniature in size (approx. 11-12 cm in length) but whilst I've previously been disappointed with travel brush sets, I feel that the Ecotools Fresh & Flawless Brush Set contains good quality brushes and is worth the money.

Admittedly, the face brushes- specifically the complexion blending brush and precision foundation brush- are on the small side and in my opinion, couldn't realistically be used to apply a full face of makeup (you'd be there all day!) although they could work for touch ups. The full powder brush would work well for precision powdering as it's small enough to reach into the crevices of the face but those who favour the convenience of a large, fluffy powder brush wouldn't like this.

For me, the standout brushes are the concealer brushes and I appreciated the inclusion of not one but two concealer brushes to apply and blend for a flawless finish. They could also be used for applying eye makeup in a pinch.

Ecotools Fresh & Flawless Brush set costs £11.99.

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  1. Fantastic looking set! Definitely going to be picking this up.


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