Thursday 12 December 2013

Christmas Countdown: Korres Japanese Rose & Jasmine Shower Gel Duo Gift Set

So- here's a festive dilemma.. you have one of those innately cool girls to buy for, the sort that oozes effortless chic every time you see her, and have absolutely no idea where to start when it comes to buying a gift. Today's Christmas Countdown gift idea may just provide the solution: Korres Japanese Rose & Jasmine Shower Gel Duo Gift Set.

As the name suggests, the set contains two full-sized 250ml shower gels in Japanese Rose and Jasmine fragrances. The presentation is chic and understated- a brown card box. Each of the shower gels has an illustration to reflect the scent and I particularly liked the intricate floral design of the Jasmine shower gel bottle. I'd be more than happy to have this on display in my bathroom. What's more, the shower gel bottles are functional with a flip top dispenser.

Despite a long list of "formula facts" on the label, stating which ingredients and "nasties" the products are free from- the shower gels do contain SLS which I was disappointed to note. I find SLS drying on my skin, although it does mean that a creamy lather is easy to produce when using the shower gels.
The shower gels live up to their floral names. The Jasmine shower gel has the distinctively sweet, floral fragrance of jasmine and is very pleasant. I found Japanese Rose to be interesting as it has more depth to it than most single note rose fragrances. It's hard to pin-point but along with the floral element, I noticed a fresh scent which reminded me of lemon.

Korres shower gels normally retail for approximately £8 each so I feel that the set offers good value for money. Along with the Japanese Rose & Jasmine option which I tried, there's also Basil Lemon & Citrus or Guava & Citrus Shower Duos available.

Korres Japanese Rose & Jasmine Shower Gel Duo Gift Set is exclusively available at Waitrose priced £15.

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