Tuesday 11 August 2015

Speed Review: Clynol Hair Expert Clear Cleansing Shampoo

I'd previously steered clear of clarifying shampoos, fearing that they would "strip" my hair and irritate my sensitive scalp. However, I've been using Clynol Hair Expert Clear Cleansing Shampoo for a number of months now and have been so impressed with the results that it has become an integral part of my hair care routine.

Don't be put off by the packaging, which is very minimalist in line with the salon branding and distribution of Clynol. I'd easily pass this by if I saw it on a shelf. Having said that, the plastic bottle is functional with a flip top lid for easy dispensing.

The shampoo has a thick, clear gel formula which produces a generous lather. A little goes a long way meaning that the bottle will last a long time. There's no discernable scent- it simply smells fresh and clean. I like to leave the suds on my hair for a minute or so before rinsing out, which it does easily.

I can't speak for everyone but Clynol Hair Expert Clear Cleansing Shampoo hasn't irritated my sensitive scalp at all. It simply leaves my hair feeling clean and free of build up.

Clynol Hair Expert Clear Cleansing Shampoo has completely reversed the way I perceive clarifying shampoos. I'm highly impressed and would recommend this.

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