Friday 28 August 2015

Speed Review: Tommyguns Fig & Plum Shampoo and Fig, Plum & Marshmallow Conditioner

I've recently been trialling the shampoo and conditioner from Tommyguns' Fig & Plum range, which is aimed at those with frizzy, chaotic & unruly hair types, whether styling it straight or curly. The products appealed to me because my hair is frizz prone and Fig & Plum are supposedly meant to enrich hair, leaving it more manageable. The Conditioner in particular appealed to me because it contains Marshmallow extract to soothe & help prevent breakage, which my fine hair is prone to.

Both the shampoo & conditioner are presented in square plastic bottles with rounded edges, which look chic in the bathroom and give an impression that the products are higher end than the price tags suggest.

First up, Tommyguns Fig & Plum Shampoo. The packaging, which features a flip top lid, is functional for purpose and I liked that the transparent bottle meant I could tell how much was remaining. Tommyguns Fig & Plum Shampoo is a relatively liquid, maroon coloured gel which had an incredible fresh, juicy plum scent which I adored (sadly, it's not noticeable in hair once it is dried and styled).  The shampoo produces a generous lather meaning that a little goes a long way. As a shampoo, it inherently rinses away easily.

As aforementioned, in terms of aesthetics, I liked the packaging of Tommyguns Fig, Plum & Marshmallow Conditioner. Unfortunately, it's not functional for purpose. I wish that it had been designed with a handy pump rather than the flip top lid. It's not the easiest bottle to squeeze, which means that it's difficult to release the relatively thick conditioner and I found this frustrating, particularly when I was in a hurry. I'd also have preferred a transparent bottle to be able to tell how much product was remaining.

The best thing about Tommyguns Fig, Plum & Marshmallow Conditioner is the incredible scent which reminded me of a sensual perfume, with a hint of sweetness from the plum ingredient (albeit not sickly). Again, I was disappointed to find that it was difficult to detect in my hair once it had been dried & styled. Despite the thick texture, I found it easy to work the conditioner through my hair and rinsability was average.

I trialled these products as I always do for haircare- trying the shampoo on its own with my usual conditioner, the conditioner on its own with my usual shampoo and also, both the shampoo and conditioner together. I was surprised that it seemed to be the shampoo which weighed down my fine hair. Whilst my hair was left looking shiny after using the shampoo, it was also weighed down and lacked movement (this was the case when I tried the shampoo alone with my usual conditioner as well as when I tried both the shampoo & conditioner together).

Following use of the conditioner, my hair was left feeling soft and looking incredibly shiny. I didn't notice that frizz was diminished despite it being aimed at those with frizzy, chaotic & unruly hair. I was pleased that my fine hair wasn't weighed down but looked thick, volumised & had a healthy movement/ bounce so for this reason, I preferred the conditioner.

At £5.50 for 250ml each, I feel that both Tommyguns Fig & Plum Shampoo and Tommyguns Fig, Plum & Marshmallow Conditioner offer good value for money. However, I'd personally be unlikely to repurchase because of the issues I noticed with my fine hair being weighed down following use of the shampoo and purely because of the frustrations I had in terms of packaging functionality of the conditioner. However, if you have thicker hair or more patience than me then I'd certainly recommend checking these out.

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