Monday 24 August 2015

Speed Review: Time Bomb Take-Off Time Cleansing Cream


Regular readers will know that I favour oil based cleansers but I've recently been trialling Time Bomb Take-Off Time Cleansing Cream, having been sent a sample for review.

On first impressions, I liked the packaging- a slimline 125ml functional tube with bold font and clear directions.

As the name suggests, the texture is a lightweight cream which is applied to damp skin. It doesn't lather- which I appreciated as I generally find that formulas containing harsh detergents & foaming agents strip the skin- but nonetheless, a little goes a long way.

Thanks to the inclusion of lavender oil, Time Bomb Take-Off Time Cleansing Cream has a very subtle lavender scent which means that it's well suited to night-time use.

The cleanser provides a very gentle exfoliation thanks to tiny particles & magnesium oxide (which the packaging states is a key ingredient in microdermabrasion). I personally liked that it didn't feel harsh on the skin but if you're hoping for an abrasive scrub, this won't be for you.

Time Bomb Take-Off Time Cleansing Cream rinsed away easily, without any residue and worked well to remove my face makeup. My skin didn't feel tight or stripped following use. Despite containing shea butter, I didn't experience any issues when using this on my acne prone skin.

As it's not suitable for use around the eye area, a separate eye makeup remover is needed- which I found a little tiresome as I prefer my cleanser to be an all in one. This is one of the predominant reasons why I wouldn't repurchase. It does the job as a cleanser and would be well suited to the target market of those with mature skin. It isn't a bad cleanser but nor is it anything special and for this reason, I feel that the price tag of £15 for 125ml is reasonable.

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