Saturday 24 October 2015

Speed Review: di Palomo Wild Fig & Grape Enriching Hand & Nail Cream

di Palomo isn't a brand which I've heard much about so my only impression of it is from having seen the products in rather dated local gift shops. That said, I love anything with fig so when I had the opportunity to try the brand's Wild Fig & Grape Enriching Hand & Nail Cream, I decided to keep an open mind.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given that the brand is inspired by Italy, the colours & design on the box give a Mediterranean impression & this is reflected on the label of the black tube inside.  I wouldn't say that the tube is particularly luxurious but nor is it offensive. Inherently, as a tube, it's functional.

The cream has a lightweight texture and I appreciated that it was easily absorbed with no greasy residue.

During application, the scent was very delicate and hardly noticeable. As I consider this to be a gifting brand, I expected more of a scent to add to the sense of indulgence.  I was initially disappointed that the Wild Fig & Grape name didn't appear to be reflected in the scent because, as aforementioned, I usually love anything with a fresh, masculine fig fragrance. Interestingly, the scent seemed to develop on my skin and I found the fig to be more noticeable as time progressed.

Following use, my hands were left soft and looking & feeling smooth and hydrated.

di Palomo Wild Fig & Grape Enriching Hand & Nail Cream costs £8 for 75ml.

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