Saturday 3 October 2015

Speed Review: Korres Fig Shower Gel

I've recently been using Korres Fig Shower Gel and wanted to share my thoughts in today's review.

I like the packaging of Korres shower gels, which have an effortlessly cool aesthetic which appeals to me. What's more, the flip top lid means that it's functional for purpose. Having said this, I don't like the list of "free from" ingredients on the side of the plastic bottle- it frustrates me that there is an extensive list of ingredients which aren't included (e.g. mineral oil, silicones, alcohol, etc...) yet it still contains SLS, which I find to be drying on the skin.

Despite the inclusion of SLS, the lather is average- I'd recommend using Korres Fig Shower Gel with a bath puff to make the bottle last longer. I didn't notice any nourishing benefits and needed to moisturise following use.

As I love anything with a fig scent, it's unsurprising that I was a fan of the fragrance. It's green, fresh and unisex but has a warmth to it that adds an elegant sophistication. However, the scent didn't linger on my skin following use.

At £8 for 250ml, Korres Fig Shower Gel isn't the cheapest option but it is an easy way to incorporate a sense of indulgence to the everyday task of showering. My favourite scent from the Korres shower gel range is Guava but Fig is a close second so I'd certainly consider repurchasing, either as a treat for myself or as a can't-go-wrong gift idea.

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