Tuesday 6 October 2015

Speed Review: Soap & Glory Butter Yourself


I'm notoriously lazy when it comes to moisturising my body. For convenience, I usually use an in-shower body moisturiser or a "spray & go" format in the mornings and take the time to apply richer formulations at night. I've recently been reaching for Soap & Glory Butter Yourself, which is designed to soothe & soften even the driest skin thanks to a blend of shea, cocoa and moringa butters.

I like the Soap & Glory packaging which is always on-brand. The pink bottle with its retro image is unapologetically girlie but it's also functional with a handy pump dispenser. I liked that the plastic bottle is sufficiently transparent so as to be able to tell how much product remains.

The texture is richer than a lotion but not as heavy as a cream or butter. A little goes a long way so the generously sized bottle will last for a long time. I was impressed at how easily absorbed Soap & Glory Butter Yourself was. Unlike many body butters I've tried, it sank into skin effortlessly, leaving no greasy residue.

I wasn't the biggest fan of the scent during application and if anything would put me off repurchasing, it would be this. Although I had anticipated the pink packaging to be reflected in the scent with the brand's signature fragrance, Butter Yourself actually boasts a fresh, fruity fragrance. It combines the freshness of fig with the sweetness of mango and orange but I'm not convinced that it's a scent combination which works. It reminded me of cheap fragrances such as the old school Body Shop ones. I wasn't a fan, particularly as it's a rather strong fragrance.
It does linger on the skin but settles down to fresh fig with a warm almond element that I much preferred.

Skin was left feeling soft, smooth and hydrated following use. As tends to be the case with Soap & Glory products, Butter Yourself offers good value for money at £10 for a generous 500ml bottle.

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