Thursday 1 October 2015

Speed Review: The Sanctuary Body Scrub

Today's review is of The Sanctuary Body Scrub, which is designed as a gentle, polishing gel scrub which can be used daily.
I tend to like it when body scrubs are presented in functional tube packaging because I find it more hygienic and less messy (compared with tubs). I also liked that it was easy to tell how much product was remaining. In terms of aesthetics, it's clear from the packaging that the scrub is from an affordable brand but I didn't find it to be offensive.
The body scrub is presented as a gel texture with a high concentration of finely milled pumice, which forms the exfoliant. Despite the texture being akin to a shower gel & the formula containing SLS, The Sanctuary Body Scrub doesn't produce a lather.
The gel is an orange colour and I'd have liked this to have been reflected in the scent, however, it has the same scent as others in The Sanctuary signature range. This is described as patchouli and orange but I personally find the scent to be plasticky and it's not to my liking. That said, it didn't linger on my skin following use.
The Sanctuary Body Scrub delivers on its claims as being a gentle scrub even though the exfoliant is concentrated within the formula. This wasn't to my personal preference, as I prefer scrubs which are satisfyingly abrasive and for that reason, I'd be unlikely to repurchase. However, if you're looking for a gentle scrub, e.g. to maintain a tan, then this may be worth a look. The Sanctuary Body Scrub costs £5.50 for 200ml but given that I felt I needed to use quite a bit each use, I'd recommend waiting until the products were on offer (which they regularly are in Boots).

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