Monday 5 January 2015

Makeup Monday: Clarins True Radiance Foundation SPF15

Clarins True Radiance Foundation SPF15 launched last year. As the name suggests, it's designed as a light-infusing foundation to brighten and correct the complexion. I've recently been trialling it (click here to watch my First Impressions/ Review video including application) and it's quickly become a favourite.

My initial impression was how sleek and luxurious the bottle is. Packaged in a signature red Clarins box, Clarins True Radiance Foundation SPF15 is presented in a rectangular glass bottle. Admittedly, the somewhat bulky glass packaging may not be ideal for those who travel a lot but I like that it is transparent so I can easily see how much product was remaining. I also appreciate the functionality of the pump dispenser, which makes it easy to control how much foundation is released and thereby avoids wastage. This is particularly important given that the foundation has a relatively liquid formula- fairly similar in consistency to Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation albeit slightly thicker. I've found that 1-2 pumps dispenses sufficient product to cover my entire face and I tend to apply it onto skin using a Real Techniques Buffing Brush.


My shade in Clarins is 103 (for comparison, I'm approx. NC15 in MAC), which is a good colour match. I really appreciate that Clarins are consistent with their foundation shades across the various bases they offer as it means I can easily try a new foundation without the need to be colour matched every time. 


I dislike the scent of Clarins foundations, which all (of those I've tried) seem to have a strong, fresh cucumber scent and this was no exception. Whilst that description doesn't sound offensive, I don't personally like the scent because it reminds me of the fragrance of hair removal creams! Thankfully, it's not noticeable on the skin following application. 

I'm able to apply Clarins True Radiance Foundation SPF15 quickly & easily and have found that it blends well. Clarins describe it as having medium to full coverage and I'd certainly agree. This means that a little goes a long way.

The finish lives up to the "True Radiance" name, more so than any other foundation I've tried. The radiance is imparted from light reflective pigments meaning that it appears natural and I wasn't able to detect any tell tale glittery particles. It gives a beautiful dewy finish which would be a particularly good choice for those who lack a natural glow (e.g. owing to dry skin).

Clarins state that True Radiance Foundation SPF15 has a lightweight and moisturising formula. Again, I'd agree with this as it feels very comfortable on the skin throughout the day. I don't experience any oxidisation of colour during wear.

I have combination skin, with my oiliest area being my chin. I have noticed oiliness coming through within just a couple of hours of wearing this foundation (which is quicker than I'd normally experience) so for that reason, I'd highly recommend starting with a primer and setting with a good oil control powder in order to prolong the longevity of it on the skin. As long as those steps are followed, I love this foundation! I've also spoken to others who have normal and slightly dry skin types and noted that they enjoy this foundation as well.

Clarins foundations tend to incorporate skincare benefits and True Radiance Foundation SPF15 has Moringa Seed extract for an anti-pollution effect. I haven't been trialling the foundation for long enough to notice skincare benefits but as a general rule, I trust Clarins when it comes to skincare so this inclusion can only be a positive. What's more, it hasn't caused my acne prone skin to break out.

It's worth noting that Clarins True Radiance Foundation contains SPF15. For some people this may be a bonus but I personally don't feel that makeup, as a general rule, can offer sufficient protection against the sun's harmful rays and prefer to incorporate sun protection within my skincare. Furthermore, the inclusion of SPF may cause flashback (a white cast) in flash photography, although I haven't tested this out.

At £27 for 30ml, it's a pricey foundation (albeit comparably priced with other high end foundations) but one which is worth the money in my opinion. It's become my go-to choice for daily wear. Highly recommended.


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