Saturday 3 January 2015

The Weekend Feature #4: Energisers

One of my New Year's Resolutions is to be a better blogger in 2015, uploading more regularly & getting back into a schedule. To kick start this, I wanted to revisit The Weekend Feature series and I felt that a piece on Energisers would be fitting for this time of year. After all, the beginning of January provides inspiration to start afresh but the cold weather and dark days can make it difficult to find the motivation to carry out our good intentions. Read on to find out about three energising products that have been giving me a helping hand...

I've never been a morning person so I always look out for uplifting & energising shower gels to make the a.m. that little bit more bearable. I've recently been reaching for Orico Jazzy Moisturising Body Wash.
The body wash is presented in a sturdy plastic bottle which has a minimalist, unisex design on the label. I liked that the bottle was transparent so that I was able to see how much product was remaining. Whilst I'd normally appreciate the functionality of a flip top dispenser, I found that the sturdiness of the plastic bottle combined with the relatively thick gel texture of the body wash made it difficult to squeeze out product and certainly, it was difficult to control how much was dispensed. I'd have preferred a pump dispenser for ease of use.
The body wash contains orange and mandarin essential oils and it's these citrus ingredients which give the shower gel its uplifting scent. In particular, I liked that the scent isn't a synthetic one. It's worth noting that it doesn't linger on the skin following use.
Part of the product's name hints towards Moisturising properties and indeed, the packaging also highlights that the body wash "gently cleanses and moisturises with Baobab", reportedly set to be a key "super ingredient" in 2015. The second ingredient is Aloe Vera extract which again, is soothing and gentle on skin and I suspect is part of the reason for the thick texture of the shower gel. As the product is made from 99% natural ingredients, 12% of which are organic, and accredited with the EcoCert certification, it's no surprise that it Orico Jazzy Moisturising Body Wash is free from SLS. This is evident during use as it took quite a bit of work to produce even the smallest amount of lather. If you like your shower products to create a rich, creamy lather then this won't be for you. However, I personally prefer shower gels which are free from SLS as I can find the detergent to be drying on my skin.  I have to admit that I didn't notice any moisturising benefits and still needed to reach for body moisturiser after my shower but my skin didn't feel stripped or dried out, as it can with other shower gels.
At £14 for 200ml, it's not the cheapest of shower gels and for this reason, I'm not sure I'd be able to justify a repurchase. However, it's a pleasant product if you're looking to treat yourself.

I keep Tisserand Energy Aromatherapy Roller Ball on hand for those moments throughout the day when I need an extra pick-me-up. A citrus blend of organic essential oils including Bergamot, Grapefruit and Lime gives a natural energising boost with a pleasant fragrance. The convenient handbag size means that it's travel friendly and can be applied subtly when needed. What's more, it's affordable at £5.50 for 10ml.

Neal's Yard Remedies Candles don't seem to get shown much love in the online beauty community but I'm a big fan. I love the story behind them- they're hand made for Neal's Yard Remedies by a candle maker on a farm on the North coast of Cornwall.
The Uplifting Candle (previously called the Energising Candle) is a fantastic home addition at any time of the year and whilst I'm currently enjoying it, I feel that the combination of orange, grapefruit and garden mint lends it particularly well to the warmer months. The blend of pure, organic essential oils makes for a wonderful room filling fragrance that lives up to the Uplifting name. Presented in a chic, etched glass tumbler, the candles are slow burning, with an estimated 45 hours' burn time (although I haven't timed this myself). I found it reassuring that because the candles are 100% organic with a blend of botantical wax and beeswax, it burnt clean, with no soot or the harmful toxins that can be associated with petroleum-based paraffin wax candles. What's more, considering the quality, the candles are cheaper than many others at £29 for a 200g candle. I'd highly recommend checking them out.


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