Tuesday 20 January 2015

Speed Review: Organic Surge Comforting Lavender Meadow Shower Gel

I enjoy indulging in baths on occasion but on a daily basis, I prefer the convenience of a shower. Showers are often considered to be awakening but I like to use products which help me to unwind as part of my evening beauty routine. I have recently been trying Organic Surge Comforting Lavender Meadow Shower Gel which is designed as a comforting and moisturising shower gel to balance body & mind while it cleanses. It contains 98.7% natural ingredients and is certified by EcoCert.

The packaging isn't the most luxurious but nor is it offensive. I liked the bold purple colour which clearly communicates the lavender ingredient. I appreciated the functionality of the tube dispenser and liked that I could easily tell how much product was remaining.

Organic Surge Comforting Lavender Meadow Shower Gel has a clear gel formula. I was both pleasantly surprised and impressed at how easily I was able to work it into a generous lather in spite of the SLS free formula (Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate is the foaming agent), meaning that a little goes a long way. Thanks to this, I feel that the generously sized 250ml tube will last a long time.

Despite the Lavender Meadow name, I found the predominant scent to be of geranium, which isn't to my personal taste. Having said this, geranium essential oil is listed on the front of the tube as part of the description so I can't complain! I didn't notice that the scent lingered on my skin following use.

Regular readers will know that I favour SLS free shower gels as I find them to be less drying on my skin although it's worth noting that I still needed to moisturise following use.

I'm not sure that I noticed any unwinding benefits and given that the scent wasn't to my liking, I wouldn't repurchase this. However, it's a perfectly fine shower gel and I feel that the £4.75 price tag is fair (what's more, Organic Surge often have offers or value bundles on their website). I'd be interested in trying other scents in the range as I do feel that this is a relatively good quality product.

Note: I've recently spotted this in my local Waitrose & it appears to have been repackaged. The new tube packaging is less bold but equally functional and as far as I could tell, the product remains the same.



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  1. How can i purchase Organic Surge Lavender Meadow shower gel?


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