Tuesday 13 January 2015

Speed Review: balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream

Today's review is of balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream, one of two hand creams offered by the natural British brand.

I like the balance Me packaging which clearly communicates the natural message without being worthy. The products always appeal to me when I see them on a shop shelf thanks to the use of colour on the packaging, which I feel is in line with the mid- range branding and price points.
As with most hand creams, this was presented in a functional tube with flip top dispenser. In keeping with the "green" message, the tube isn't presented in a box but merely sealed at the base with a small plastic wrapper. I liked the inclusion of a "top tip" on the back of the tube recommending that the cream can also be applied to parched feet before bed.
balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream is described as being "richly moisturising and velvet-ifying". It's an interesting cream as it has a relatively lightweight texture which quickly sinks into the skin, whilst also living up to the richly moisturising claims. It boasts a blend of anti-oxidant rich Arctic Cloudberry, soothing lanolin, moisturising shea butter & sweet almond oil along with smoothing camellia and kukui nut oils and it's owing to these ingredients that it effectively conditions and soothes dry hands. I feel that balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream is best suited to dry hands in winter or at bed time and this is owing to the fact that it left a residue on the skin. Whilst this felt reassuringly protective against the cold, I disliked the greasiness and this would be the predominant factor which would put me off repurchasing. However, if you are more tolerant of such greasy residue, the richness of the cream means that a little goes a long way so the 100ml tube will last & last, making it an economical choice.
As the name suggests, the hand cream has a delicate rose scent thanks to the inclusion of rose otto, palma rosa and rose geranium essential oils. I found this to be pleasant without being overwhelming.

At £14.50 for 100ml, balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream is priced at the mid-range of the scale which I feel is in keeping with the brand's image.

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