Friday 22 January 2016

Speed Review: Benecos Cleansing Gel with Aloe Vera

Today's #DiscountJanuary review steps away from the drugstore and instead looks at a natural brand product, Benecos Cleansing Gel with Aloe Vera.

Benecos Cleansing Gel review

I don't know a great deal about the Benecos brand but from what I understand, it's a German company specialising in "naturally good" products.

Benecos Cleansing Gel is designed to gently cleanse skin with mild washing ingredients & lime blossom water, along with calming & cooling aloe vera to leave a natural, fresh invigorating fragrance on skin. The Cleansing Gel contains a nourishing herbal mix as well as the "free radical scavenger" Vitamin E.

I liked the design of the tube which gives the impression of a fresh, pure and natural product. Symbols on the tube clearly communicate its eco credentials as well as the fact that it's suitable for vegans. Disappointingly, there's no indication of the skin type that the cleanser is aimed at although from my web research, I know that it's targeted at those with normal, combination and oily skin. What's more, I was unable to find any directions for use on the packaging so I went with the assumption that it should be used as a face wash, on damp skin. Nonetheless, it's a functional tube with flip top dispenser.

I liked the lightweight, jelly texture of the cleanser which was perhaps unsurprising given the inclusion of aloe vera within the formula. It produced a soft, creamy lather which felt pleasant on the skin.

Benecos Cleansing Gel

Benecos Cleansing Gel with Aloe Vera has a delicate, fresh scent in which I thought I could detect a hint of tea. It's inoffensive and I wasn't able to notice it after the initial application.

The cleanser was easy to rinse away and didn't leave any residue on my skin. Following use, my skin was left feeling clean and refreshed but not tight or stripped.

I'm not the biggest fan of face washes (I prefer to cleanse my skin using oils) but feel that this is a good option that's worth checking out at the reasonable price of £6.95 for 150ml.


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