Monday 4 January 2016

Speed Review: L'Oreal SuperLiner Perfect Slim Liquid Eyeliners (brown & grey)

One of my New Year's resolutions is to be a better blogger and along with aiming to be more regular & consistent in my blog posts, I also want to return to featuring my regular "Makeup Monday" posts. I'm kicking things off with a review of L'Oreal SuperLiner Perfect Slim liquid eyeliners. 

I've never been wowed by the L'Oreal eyeliners which I've tried previously so when the PR gifted me the L'Oreal SuperLiner Perfect Slim Liquid Eyeliners in brown (04) & grey (05), I have to confess that I wasn't overly exited to try them.

One of the factors which did tempt me to try them was the colours. Whilst I tend to use different coloured pencil eyeliners, black is my default choice when it comes to liquid or gel liner. I thought that the brown & grey colours would offer a softer alternative, particularly for daytime use.

Each of the L'Oreal SuperLiner Perfect Slim liquid eyeliners is presented in a sleek black pen format, with gold writing adding a luxurious effect. The colour of the eyeliner is signified by the lid, which is conveniently coloured to match the shade inside. I found this particularly helpful given that I have a rather crowded makeup collection.

The packaging is functional for use & I liked that there was a different texture and slight dip towards the end of the pen, where it should be held, to help ensure an effortless application, described by L'Oreal as a grip zone hold for optimum control.

The eyeliners themselves have easy-to-use felt tip applicators which have been designed with a 0.4mm tip to provide a stylish & intense sweeping line and enhance the shape of the eye. I felt that the felt tips were the perfect length & width and I found that they made creating a wing practically foolproof.

It's quite a wet formula but once in place, it set quickly & didn't budge all day long. I've been highly impressed with the longevity of these following application.

The colours are highly pigmented, meaning that I only needed to rest the tip of the felt pen along the upper lash line & the colour transferred smoothly, without any need to drag or pull the delicate skin. I found it best to store the eyeliners tip down to ensure a smooth flow of product when I came to use them.

I can't recommend L'Oreal SuperLiner Perfect Slim liquid eyeliners highly enough. I've been using them nearly every day since first trying them. I feel that they'd be a good choice for beginners and experts alike (thanks to the selection of seven different colours & finishes available) and that the £6.99 price tag is fair.


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