Sunday 10 January 2016

Speed Review: Good Things Argan Oil Restoring Body Wash

I like and trust Good Things skincare so when I was browsing the shelves of Superdrug, their recently launched body care range caught my attention not least because of the bright, bold colours which unapologetically feature on the packaging.

I decided to try the Argan Oil Restoring Body Wash which is described as an argan oil, coconut and cocoa butter body wash to help nourish, moisturise and restore. Added allantoin provides an additional moisture hit, helping to leave skin feeling soft & smooth.

Good Things Argan Oil Restoring Body Wash has a thick, creamy consistency. It's almost like a jelly & despite the functional tube presentation, I found it a little difficult to squeeze out. That said, I was pleased that this meant there was no wastage. With a little effort, I was able to work the creamy gel into a lather although of course, a bath puff would help with this.

I absolutely loved the incredible fragrance which reminded me of far more expensive spa brands and meant that the body wash felt very indulgent to use. I was unable to detect the scent on my skin following use.

Thanks to the SLS-free formula, my skin didn't feel stripped but I still needed to moisturise following use.

At just £2.99 for 200ml, Good Things Argan Oil Restoring Body Wash is a wonderful way to add a pampering element to the daily routine of showering. I'd highly recommend checking it out.


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