Tuesday 5 January 2016

Speed Review: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

I like to use a micellar cleansing water on those occasions when I'm too tired to bother with a full cleanse as I feel that they're a better alternative to wipes. I also like to keep them in my skincare cabinet for those times when I want a quick refresh (e.g. if I've removed my makeup in the evening upon my return from work & want a quick swipe of something to clean my face before bed) and sometimes, to remove eye makeup residue when my facial cleanser hasn't done the job. I'd heard good things about Garner Micellar Cleansing Water and picked it up on a whim when it was on offer in Superdrug.

The packaging isn't the most exciting but it isn't offensive & is functional for purpose. It features a flip top lid and I found it easy to control how much was dispensed onto a cotton pad, without wastage. I liked that the bottle is transparent, enabling me to see how much product remained. I opted for the mini format & in all honesty, this was largely because I thought that the 125ml bottle was cute. That said, I'd prefer if the smaller size offered was travel friendly- it seems slightly illogical to me to offer a mini format which isn't.

During use, the cleanser feels gentle & soothing on skin. I wasn't able to detect a scent. It removes makeup relatively effectively considering that it's not an oil or balm cleanser (I was able to remove all visible traces of a full face of makeup using 3 saturated cotton pads) & I was impressed at how gently yet effectively it removed all traces of eye makeup too (I don't use waterproof mascara but tend to wear quite a heavy, smokey eye).

Following use, there was no tacky residue left on my skin. It was simply left feeling clean, refreshed and gently hydrated thanks to the inclusion of glycerin in the formula.

Personally, I can't tell a difference between this & Bioderma. Well, except for the price tag and, dare I say it, the fact that I slightly prefer the Garnier version.

This is, hands down, one of the best micellar cleansing waters I've tried. When you consider the affordable price tag of just £1.99 for 125ml (it's often on offer for the bargain price of £1 though!), I feel that it's hard to beat and as such, can't recommend it highly enough.

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  1. I adore this stuff! I must be on my 10th bottle. I really couldn't be without this, its my main go to skin care product and even better it's sooo affordable :) xxxx



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