Wednesday 6 January 2016

Speed Review: Childs Farm 3-in-1 Swim in Strawberry & Organic Mint

Childs Farm 3-in-1 Swim in Strawberry & Organic Mint isn't the sort of product which would ever have appealed to me had it not been gifted to me by the PR. I don't have children and as such, I'd be likely to bypass it based on the juvenile packaging if I saw it on a shop shelf. It's designed to wash away chlorine & leave skin and hair clean & shiny. The 3-in-1 name relates to the fact that it can be used as a shampoo, conditioner and body wash- although I've only used it as a body wash.

Despite finding the design rather juvenile, it is admittedly also quite cute, fun & in keeping with the family friendly brand. The packaging states that it is free from "nasties" such as parabens and I found it reassuring that it's even promoted as being suitable for newborns.

I found that the flip top made it a little difficult to control how much product was dispensed and I felt as though I went through the bottle quickly. That said, I appreciated that the transparent bottle meant that I could tell how much product was remaining.

Even though the formula is SLS free, I was able to work the pearlised gel into a generous, soft lather. A bath puff would, of course, make it go further.

The strawberry & organic mint scent is fresh & fruity, almost like fizzy sweets but it's not sickly. I can see that it would appeal to kids. I couldn't detect the scent on my skin following use. My skin was simply left feeling fresh & clean but not stripped or dry.

Even if you don't have children, this does the job and would be a good addition to a gym bag.

Childs Farm 3-in-1 Swim in Strawberry & Organic Mint costs £3.99 for 250ml which I feel is reasonable and would recommend checking it out.


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