Tuesday 15 March 2011

Speed Review: Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Cute-icles Love Oil

I have to admit that I've somewhat neglected my hands this winter. Now that the fun, summery colours are coming out and attention is back on mitts, I'm seriously regretting my laziness so it was with perfect timing that I received Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Cute-icles Love Oil to trial.
I really like the idea behind Andrea Fulerton's signature range- when I first heard that the celebrity manicurist was bringing out a line, I fully expected it to be pricey & serious yet although the products are well thought out and from what I've seen, nice quality, they maintain a fun element with names such as Cute-icles Love Oil and are wallet friendly.
The bottle of Cute-icles Love Oil is very plain but is presented in a brightly coloured box. It's super easy to apply to cuticles, due to the incorporation of a brush- just like a standard polish.
Despite being an oil, it's not overly greasy. It absorbs quickly yet is wonderfully conditioning  and is jam packed with caring ingredients such as Sweet Almond Oil, Horse Chestnut & Ginger Oil. Unlike other nailcare products I've tried, this has a truly addictive scent similar to mint chocolate ice-cream!
At £4.99, it's an affordable way to treat cuticles and I'll be keeping a bottle on my desk & bedside table from now on.

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